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A Wednesday is showing up (Again 😉 ) Welcome to a Happy WOYWW day, it is nice to see you all and it would be even nicer if you make a comment. ( to those who peak in) THE COMMENT BOX is just at the end of this page.

Thanks to Julia Dunnit, we have this fun to show off our desks and what we have done during the week. Even if we haven’t it is always so nice to hear the story from the week. Thank you Julia on Stamping ground.

I have been busy with organizing, still, but had finished a little project here and there. The most exciting things is I bought something new. Well not to the project I have at the moment but something I really wanted. You see some of the photos what it is.

The weather situation has been very good this week, no extra hot days. The temperature has been around 19 C degrees. That I can work fine with.

Here is what I have done during the last week, and 2 night sky images taken from my window. The sky is not the same each night. It is a fantastic sight.

The images of me is ~ 7 years old ~ ~17 years old~ ~27 years old~ = Journal pages

The image in front of the copy machine is going to be a new little book filled with sentences of positive vibes

Thank you for your visit !!


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7 thoughts on “WOYWW 686

  1. I loved seeing the photos of you at different ages! It’ll be so nice to put them in a journal or artwork of some kind. Better that than being stuck in a drawer somewhere! You do such a wide range of art, I enjoyed looking at all the pictures!
    Hugs LLJ 5 xx

    1. Thank you ever so much, Jan!! .. Yes, you are right, I make some different kind of things, thats why I still have the “mojo” to go on with creating things, I believe. The things is, in my opinion, that it should be fun, whatever you do. Thank you for “dropping” by.

      1. Ah you’ve had a lovely inspirational week Mariane. I love the moulds, the detail on them is really amazing, and I shall look forward to seeing them in use. I like the idea of a book filled with positive vibes, it will be lovely to work on.

  2. Minimal comments as I wrenched my back 🙁
    so I am late AGAIN…

    Love the trip thru time LOL! Looking forward to seeing the molds in use. Such fun!
    Happy WOYWW
    Mary Anne (6)

  3. Love how you use the hessian/burlap. No I hadn’t heard of Anthony William and not sure why you mentioned him but I don’t really do anything “medium”, but thanks anyways.

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