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Hello WOYWW Deskers, again another Wednesday. believe it or not 😉 What is WOYWW? Please check out at Julie Dunnits blog “Stamping Ground”

This Wednesday I haven’t much to show. I organized a bit more (now in 3 piles and some at the floor) I also bought folders and plastic pockets to organize more paintings and sketches AND cards. I believe for me at least it is important to organize things especially after that long time working with art, so bits and pieces are the right place and not messing around in all places. I had hard time to find what I wanted to use for this and that. ~ Far too much ~

(PS: Comments at the very bottom)

You will be able to see what I have done since last time also at this post

Here is how my desk is looking this morning and last night hint the Moon:

Furthermore I can tell it is so hot here that I am sitting very still most of the day and get more active during the evenings. I am more a winter person than a summer one 😀

Thank you for visiting and have a Happy WOYWW week !!


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8 thoughts on “WOYWW 685

  1. I will take the cold over the heat too Mariane – at least you can add an extra layer. The organising is coming on well and it has been far too hot to do much. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  2. I am definitely a winter person too Mariane! The hot temperatures on Mon and Tues were too much for me, I’m so much happier today now it’s back down to 20 Celsius. I agree with you on the pleasures of having a good sort out, I do it all the time with my fabrics and tools, I just can’t stand wasting time searching for stuff! By the way, I really love your painting of the mushrooms, that’s really lovely!
    Hugs LLJ 7 xxx

  3. Great organising, love the stencils. I survived the graduation with over 3000 people there, but only just as it was rather overwhelming and really hot for me too – special day though. Hugs BJ#8

  4. LOve how you organize, always interesting to see and read how other’s do it. It was/is indeed hot in the Netherlands too… I like the late-summer-early-Autumn days the most! Hope you didn’t melt… have a lovely Sunday, hug from Holland. Marit #5

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