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Time runoff

Time runoff

Welcome, all you lovely crafters from The Stamping Ground desks. What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 579. As you can see on the title of the post, I believe that the time has run off me, kind of. I still think it is two days before today if you get what I mean ?. Strange things happen when the Time is off. Either you get a lot of things done or you have done nothing when it comes to the end of the week.
I have been writing a little I might put up later on this blog, and I have been working a little with new things (cards especially) also, believe it or not, lol, been cleaning up more.

I haven’t been reading much as I need new glasses (I love to read) but watched TV more than usual. I guess I need to relax now after all the sleepless nights I got lately. Well not sleepless but woke up each second hour.

Still, my Mojo is in a good mood, helping me to do more than I thought I would do. Changing ones mind during the work is something I haven’t tried yet. It happened when i made a card with watercolour. I thought it suppose to have flowers on, but no, no flowers, only a little stamp – Oh well! Life is a wonderful adventure.

I woke up very confused. Is it Sunday or is it Monday. I just had to turn on my computer to find out. Oh, it is Monday, then I know what to do, to get things done to WOYWW day. It will be another wonderful Wednesday.

Today is the day I am concentrating on my music box, a monthly parcel from Papercrafting Society – The theme is Music. Such a wonderful packet full of exciting things.

Finally I got one card done. I really have to discipline myself a lot to get anything working for me at the moment. Of a sudden it is the afternoon and I still sitting at the computer. Tsk tsk tsk. ? I hope all my fellow deskers are doing good out there. We need something to make us happy and have a common joy for all.

Anyway, here is the last card I made:

Thank you ever so much for your visit, which is very much appreciated. Thank you


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11 thoughts on “Time runoff

  1. There are always lovely things to look at on your desk Mariane! I really like the Just a Note card as I play a lot of music and its nice to see a usical theme in crafting! The flower cards are also very pretty and could be used for all sorts of reasons.
    And I never know what day it is at the moment, so you are not on your own!!
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

  2. You always make such lovely cards – the music one is fabulous and I do love the little scene with the silhouette flowers in the front – the unicorn is very sweet too. You are certainly not alone in mixing up days – I’ve been doing that all through lock down!
    Hope you have a good week
    Diana x #14

  3. Hi Mariane, I hate it when I ‘lose’ a day, but this week I gained one! I woke up on Sunday, convinced it was Monday, was well into the afternoon before I realised. So many gorgeous projects to see, you’ve been very busy! Stay safe, have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #5 X

  4. Life certainly is wonderful but also can be trying at times. You have been making the most of it and have a lot of lovely cards to show us as a result. I do hope you get a lot of pleasure from your crafting, certainly looks as if you do wilh the end products.
    hugs, neet 11 xx

  5. Love the cards Mariane, and the contents of the music themed box, very interesting selection, and most useable. I think it’s good that you start a picture and can allow yourself to change it from your original idea – it saves a lot of frustration and re-trying when you can just go with the brush! I know what you mean about time runoff too…it’s definitely a lockdown phenomenon!

  6. lovely cards, as the others have said. I sleep badly too (not a lockdown thing) and it is really annoying (not that I do anything about it!!) Hope you have a good week. Helen #2

  7. Hi Mariane. Lots to look at today – well done. Be brave – change things if necessary!! Good for you. I know what you mean about the days running away with you – I got such asurprise yesterday to discover it was Tuesday!!!
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  8. If there’s room in the day for crafting, it doesn’t matter what day it is Mariane, i’m happy to see your creativity. That musical stamp set looks fabulous as does your note card.
    Happy WoywW Hugs Tracey xx
    Stay safe & keep creative.

  9. Love that music card Mariane, the central die is so cool. You have been busy it seems. Hope your sleep is better this week. Stay safe and happy belated WOYWW. Sarah #1

  10. A lot of lovely things to look at on your desk Mariane!
    I have not known the time or day for weeks – and now we are back into lockdown which makes it so difficult!
    happy Crafting!
    Susan #8

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