Wednesday 1st. July

Wednesday, July 1st is where the new month starts and again the start of the last months of the year.

WOYWW 578! This is the day where we all are visiting our fellow crafters to see how their Desks looks like right now at Stamping Ground owned by Julia Dunnit. Imagine how it has been through all these 11 years to visit friends around the world and to see what they are doing. I think it is an amazing thing. Very old computers, slow dial-ups, the sound of the connecting to the internet. Sometimes I miss that sound, as it meant NOW we could connect to other people around the world and actually “TALK” with them in this very moment. No snail mail to get an answer but here and now.

Thank goodness for the technology that makes us able to do more things than “just” with our neck bent to see the new jet-aeroplane ?.

This week I have not been worked on UFOs even I still have boxes of them. I ordered a monthly box of crafting things and a magazine to get more inspired and to get some card making going again. They are kind of small art pieces I believe that make other people happy. I am thinking of making gratitude cards continuing as I started last year and before this covid-19 thingy. I also going to find out what kind of art I can do by painting. Oh I know I have been doing a lot during the years but again I still haven’t found my “style” something I really want to do actually.

Anyway here are some images I started last week. “The Dimensional Doorways” I call them. There might be more later on. Who knows the day before the pub has closed? ?

Papercraft Society – monthly parcel. I have a month to work out what kind of things I want to make:

Magazine Sentimentally Yours with Phill Martin:

I stamped the motives on a card carbon, painted them with Derwent Inktense Pencils. ( I never told I am fancy of Derwent?? ?) Cut the items out with scissors, glued them on the paper that came with the magazine. The border I made with foil. All new things are used. ?

Thank you so much for your visit.

Have a great Happy WOYWW day

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23 thoughts on “Wednesday 1st. July

  1. I so like your artwork Mariane, it’s so cheerful! My favourite is the lighthouse and boat at the top – I am fortunate to live in a little harbour town where the lighthouse is a real local landmark.
    Hugs LLJ 6 xx

    1. Thank you so much Jan, I love lighthouses myself – I always going to visit places where I can find them. Hugs!! ?

  2. Morning Mariane. I love that lighthouse picture. Gorgeous! My family all love to go off sailing in a tall ship, so they know lots about lighthouses. Have a lot of fun with that goody box!!
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #4

    1. There are a lot more stamps, special made for this theme. One can be very addictive of this kind of treatment, I am sure. Thanks for visiting !!

  3. I love your coastal picture on your header but I also like the little chappy peeping in on the right. He’s cute!
    My words, you have got a lot of things to keep you busy. I hope the magazine gives you lots of ideas of things you can make and do.
    Hugs, Neet 5 xx
    ps thanks for your good wishes x

  4. You are certainly busy with your art, Mariane, and I join with the others in admiring your lighthouse picture! I love lighthouses. We used to have a seaside-themed bathroom in our old house and had several in there.

    Thank you for your visit and your very kind words about my knitting and my silk top too – I had fun modelling them and getting my hubby to photograph me lol!! I haven’t got Instagram or Facebook but I visited Anthony William’s blog and read about his books. Apart from the celery juice (a big no-no for me as I hate celery haha!) it sounds as if he is advocating a whole-food plant-based diet which I am already doing – it has numerous health benefits. There is unfortunately physical damage to the nerve pathways to my bladder from my chemo but if the physio can help me retrain my brain to grow new ones, I shall be very pleased! I am looking forward to my second telephone appointment tomorrow when we’ll discuss it further. I have sent her my bladder diary in advance so she’s got time to look at it before we speak.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #7

    1. Thank you so much for your visit Shoshi – I will like to hear if it is ok all of it ?

  5. Hi Mariane, I do love the idea of your dimensional doorways like the eye they can give us so many new things to see. I look forward to your journey.
    I did not know you had a fondness for derwent but I do now, inktense for me are one of the best creations ever.. You created a super scene with those stamps, what a handy set to have found. Enjoy your creative box, I hope it gives you lots of inspiration throughout the month, take care & stay connected to your friends and family time will soon come when you can all be together again.
    Happy WoywW wishes Tracey #8 xx

    1. Thank you ever so much, Tracey. I am inspired of the magazine, images of others creativity – yes! a lot of things inspire me actually when my Mojo is here ?

  6. Love your doorways and the boating adventure picture! It reminds me of sailing off Penmon Point, Anglesey where the lighthouse said ‘dong’ every two minutes. Our kids named the lighthouse ‘George the Dong’. Last I heard the lighthouse was going silent with just a light… shame!
    That papercraft box looks interesting!
    Happy woyww!
    Susan #12

    1. Many thanks, Susan. Lighthouses are inspiring the imagination. You can travel by your imagination. That is what is so awesome being an artist!! .. Thank you for your visit !!!

  7. I like your seaside card and all your paintings! I have things I should put on the wall but never do! You have done well ! I find joy in my card making, needle felting any kind of art as you say you do! This life looks like it will be our “new normal” so I guess we best just get on with it! Have a lovely week and see you soon again!
    Love and hugs,

    1. Thanks a bunch Cardarian. Yeah life is changing our way of looking at it, for sure. Hugs !!

  8. Love that seaside card – now where will those dimensional doorways take us? I haven’t found my ‘style’ yet and I’ve been crafting for years. Too much of a dilettante to settle on anything but I don’t care. Maybe I might get better at one thing if I stuck at it, but always want to try the next thing. Stay Safe, stay well, Cindy #27

  9. Well Mariane, I think you are brave to take on a monthly craft box…they would end up piling up behind me, I’m pretty sure…it might take me more than a month each time to be inspired by someone else’s choices for me! I have a lot of photographs of doorways (mainly taken in Spain) I cant resist an interesting entrance, so your pictures are a lovely sight for me. As long as you’re enjoying the journey, I think finding your ‘style’ may be a life’s work!

  10. I do like your new goodies Mariane. That box looks very intriguing and the Phil Martin magazine and goodies look useful too. Great card! Stay safe and Happy belated WOYWW. Sarah #2

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