New Books, even some of them are very old. #Shirley #MacLaine “Out on a limb”. I have read before and watched the movie with the same name. I kind of restart my interests from the ’80s, as I believe I missed something. I am not sure what it is, as yet. #“A Dweller On Two Planets” is a book recommended from a bookshop IN the movie. #Sylvia #Browne is the writer of several books back in the early ’70s – ’80s. This one “Ends of Days” predicted the future and I find it interesting to read it again in these days, to see which predicted things is coming true. Pretty interesting!! #Clare Chase is a wonderful crime writer. I bought 2 and this one “Mystery at Apple Tree Cottage” are indeed splendid written (like the other books I have of her). Very exciting readings for me with all 4 books. Do you want me to tell you about them later? Have a great and peaceful day, dear followers!! Love from Copenhagen


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