My Workdesk, Wednesday 569

First and most important! Happy WOYWW to all out there. Lockdown is still going on in Denmark.

I thought if I come back to WOYWW, I might find my way back to make some ART soon again. I haven’t touched a paper, brush or canvas for months, caused lack of Mojo I guess – I have been creative in other ways – in a digital world. Two days ago I start to clean up all the papers and carbons that lay around and taking up space. In the hope to get some inspirations, I think.

A few images of how the things looks like this moment (13:57 – 29.04.2020)

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20 thoughts on “My Workdesk, Wednesday 569

  1. Hi Mariane. Your work desk looks full of different ideas – I love the large yellow flower. Did you paint that. I’m sure, as you delve into all those boxes, your mojo will re-appear.
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #3

    1. Hey Margaret 😉 Thanks a lot. I have a stamp that big with the yellow flower. The “paint” is done with Alcoholic pens and watercolour. I am sure my Mojo will re-appear as well, even it has been gone that long. I wish you safe and well.

  2. Hello Mariane, how lovely to see you back on WOYWW! I hope you’re keeping safe and well in these strange times we are living in. Has Denmark been badly affected by the COVID-19? It’s pretty bad in some parts of the UK, we are keeping out of the way as my husband has got to be careful.
    You seem to have some great art on your desk today even if you say that your mojo has left you! I hope that you’re finding some inspiration to do your digital art. I have been kept busy making bags from old bedding for our ambulance crews to put their dirty scrubs in for washing. It’s been a satisfying thing to do!
    Keep safe and well.
    LLJ 11 xX

    1. Hello LLJ – And thank you so much. I am glad I am back indeed. Denmark hasn’t been affected too badly during this COVID-19, no – 418 death out of 5.8 million is not many and a few hundred thousand are infected, not that many are really sick. I am watching the news each day and we often come to London via our reporter and he tells about what is going on in the UK. I think it is awful for you over there. Only hope there is that people really listen to the Gov and take care, more than usual. You keep safe and well as well. 🙂 Thanks again !!!

  3. Hi Mariane, so lovely to see you. I hope you are keeping well it’s been so long. Looks like you have lots of creativity around you even if you say your mojo has gone it’s nice to here that you have been keeping yourself busy with your digital art. It’s good to take a step back and create in other ways but I do hope you pick up a brush, pencil and put it to paper soon even if it’s just once a week come share it with us @ WoywW you know there’s always a warm welcome waiting..
    Take care & stay safe Tracey #14 xx

    1. Thank you ever so much, Tracey. It is indeed great to be back again. Hopefully, it will be with more art from my hand as well. I sure will try to get a note each Wednessday and follow you all. Take care yourself and Thanks again !!!

  4. Hi there, so many interesting things to see. Pleased you’ve joined in today. We all have those lack of Mojo moments and I find it better to walk away and do something else for a while. Hope it all comes back soon. Wishing you a happy and safe woyww, Angela x15x

    1. Thank you so much, Angela, for your visit. Unfortunately, my lack of Mojo just been too long. When I am cleaning up my stash I feel it comes back slowly. I wish you will!!

  5. Hello Mariane and thank you for visiting and leaving a lovely comment. I too have lost my mojo and trying to make myself paint by making the small cards. Perhaps joining in woyww might be just what you need to find some inspiration. Stay safe.
    Sandra de @6

  6. Hi Mariane, i am sure a quick look around the deskers blogs will soon inspire you . sorry I am a bit late visiting this week . Take care Soojay #24

  7. Lovely to see you ‘back in the fold’ as they say, and it was a delight to see so many photographs of the various things that are in your world over in Denmark.
    I once visited an International camp in your country and stayed with a family in hospitality for a week, it was a lovely experience and one which i will never forget. I keep promising my other half that we will visit Denmark one time, maybe when this is all over. In the meantime you stay safe – hope your country is being sensible about all of this and people are staying in. If only they all would here.
    Hugs, Neet 8 xx

    1. Thank you ever so much, Neet 🙂 I do hope it will be able for you to visit Denmark. I have been travelling a lot in other countries and have had a lot of fun visiting several states in USA 🙂 – Thank you for your sweet words

  8. Hi Mariane! I have also experienced weeks of not visiting my craft room, that’s when I start to clean and organize. I usually find something that sparks my “mojo”, hopefully you will too! Thanks for your visit, stay busy, stay safe, Lindart #30

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