2 months are gone since I last wrote a post. What did happened in those two months? Well a lot of things and nothing really.

As told before I am working in Activeworlds on my worlds. I got both my Vision2 and Bridge1 up and running, at least for a half of year. Bridge1 is my Christmas world and it did take long time to get the object path recovered and working smoothly. I was close to give it up. But !! I am a stubborn person 😉 – There will be more screenshots to show later on.

I am uploading my art journal from 2016, and why is that? Because it still have a meaning today. It is a spiritual task I reacted on in that year. 21 days will give a great effect I was told. Indeed it did!!

I started to upload on Instagram but it did not show up on Facebook for some strange reason.

These are the first ones:

Images texts: In case one can not read my handwriting 😉

Page 0 – Start of the book!

Page 1 – Front – Dreams for the Earth and Dreams for me.

January 1st – I dream for our Earth that there will be peace soon.
And I dream of a CLEAN world where all creatures can
breath CLEAN AIR.

January 2nd – GRATITUDE
I thank you for:
That I found my inspiration
That Mother Earth-like to be a
a place where the spirits can learn.
The world will be a better place
for ALL of us.
I thank you for helping me, and
for everyone who is ALWAYS helping.
That I met the worlds BEST friend.
That there are so many Angels.
I live in a wonderful place.
THAT there are so many things to be grateful for.
Thank you

January 3rd – I dream for the Sun to
come through to SHINE again and
give the life on EARTH more ENERGY.
Let the HUMANS find the Light.
Find the way toward the Light
The year of 2015 was the worse year
ever with Chem-trails all over.
I DREAM for Mother EARTH to be healed

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