It has been a while since I have been visiting Activeworlds last, actually almost 11 years ago. I returned to find out what has happened to all I have done there. I must say I was kind of shocked to find out not many people are visiting there any more and all the people that have passed over to the spiritual world, most of those “friends” I got during 1997 – 2008. It was a great great time when I was there. I met many in real life as well as online. Travelled to the USA and UK and other countries and visited those from AW where they lived. It is free to download and enter. You only need a name, email address and a password, then you are ready to go.

To read more about Activeworlds where I have some places, you can click to my website

It is very creatively to build in 3D objects. I did not realize I missed it so much. The screenshots are from some of the places I build – AND of course, my Town / City Pippinville (coordination: aw 1952.45S 2566.93E 0.29a) is still existing. I am repairing all the errors I can do, so it is not looking like a dead city. Unfortunately, those builders I had in my city is all gone by now and I am not able to repair their works.

There are many ways to be a creative person. The paintings and photography will be back as soon as the weather is a bit colder.

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Thank you for visiting

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